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X10 – on your iPhone

Fine. I admit it. I’m a geek. I have an iPhone. Our house has more computers than people. I think I took apart my first transistor radio before  I could walk. I actually like soldering and yes, I have even built a homemade projector. It was cool and actually worked. But my lovely wife objected to mounting a 3′ by 1′ box weighing 50lbs on our ceiling. I will save the gory details of that adventure for another post.

Today’s topic is my attempt to get involved in iPhone software development. I received a shiny new iPhone for my birthday a few months ago (thanks sweetie!) and exactly 27 minutes after firing it up I wondered how I too could join the merry band of geeks who were writing cool and often useless apps for this nifty little machine. And so the quest began.

Now I’ll admit. I am a PC guy. Wrote my first application using BASIC on an old 8086. Exciting stuff. It was a video poker application. Sold exactly 0 copies. Screensavers  in those days were not really for screens by the way. Everyone said they prevented burn-on for monitors. They were to prevent the horrific images from being burned onto your retinas from those awful orange monochrome screens. I still remember being SO impressed by monochome monitors that were white instead of green or orange. Nice. Back on topic…writing an iPhone app. I’m a PC guy. That means I don’t own a Mac. Makes it a bit challenging to develop for the iPhone without one.

So what does a PC guy do when he wants to develop an app for the iPhone? (gosh, now I feel like that chubby weird guy on the Mac commercials) Write a web app of course! But what kind? The universe will be happy to know my first concepts never materialized. Seems 3,488 people beat me to the ultimate iPhone app – the fart sound generator. Yup. My idea. They stole it. All of them. Fine – where to now though?

You should know that I am not only a PC guy, I am an X10 junkie. Lights. Cameras. Funky remote controls. My dog is trained to wag her tail when I send an On command to A12. Not sure how she knows – but she does. Good dog. Stay away from the outlet. Yes I know it tastes good but its bad for you.

I digress. The idea for MobileX10 was born. (cue angelic lighting and brass section of the band). Why not control my X10 junk from my iPhone? Ok. This I can work with. Time to build a web app that controls my X10 stuff right from my iPhone. How hard could it be? Stay tuned.


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